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Container Kitchen

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd regularly work with a wide variety of clients serving a multitude of industries, some of whom present us with unique and challenging requirements.

Our philosophy of listening to our clients and offering bespoke temporary kitchens to meet their exact needs, helps to make us an industry leader in the field.

We pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions and it is thus not unusual to see some of our competitors following the trends we set.

Kitchen Ships Worldwide

One such product is our shipping container kitchen, created to meet the demand for a versatile, off-grid temporary kitchen, capable of being easily transported, shipped and rapidly deployed around the world.

Created in our new engineering workshops, it has been custom engineered from the ground-up, with a flexible interior that can be tailored to meet all demands.

Bespoke Temporary Kitchen

As with all our Temporary Portable Kitchens, our Container kitchens can be supplied wholly bespoke to your requirements.

  • Custom Layout - Kitchens are equipped to suit your catering requirement and optimised to create an efficient working space for chefs. Units can contain temperature controlled preparation rooms, production and servery, along with dishwashing, refrigeration, storage and even office space if required.
  • Catering Equipment - We can supply or source any item of Catering Equipment to meet your exact catering needs.
  • Modular, Linked or Stand-alone - Units can be wholly stand-alone, adapted to be linked to create a larger modular solution or linked to buildings and other units (such as Refrigerated Containers) via covered walkways.
  • Self Contained - With on-board generators and solar panel (photo cell) electricity generation, inbuilt gas cages, water tanks and sewage tanks, the unit can be completely self contained, making it ideal for deployment where utilities aren't available or are unreliable.
  • Any Environment - The containers can also be highly insulated and / or air conditioned to make them suitable for different environments around the world.
  • Safe and Secure - Units are created to comply with all gas and fire safety requirements and are shipping certified. Additional security can be added to shutters, windows and doors as required.
  • Rapid Deployment - After placement, our Container kitchens have been designed to be commissioned and up and running within an hour.

Versatile Solution

Our Container kitchens can be shipped worldwide and have seen deployment in France, Africa and the West Indies.

Options for use are endless, but could include military bases, construction sites, the gas and oil industry, large worldwide events, container villages and more.

We pride ourselves on meeting every client's specific requirements. Each of our kitchen installations is a bespoke solution designed around your needs.

Bespoke Design

Kitchens can be equipped from our wide range of Catering Equipment for Hire and we can source whatever you need.

Visit our About Us pages for further information about On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd and our approach. To see examples of our installations, take a look at our Case Studies pages.

All units can be connected to existing services or self contained as required.

  • Dimensions: L(6.0m or 12.0m) x W2.35m x H2.82m
  • Electric: 63amp single phase
  • Water: 15mm
  • Gas: Propane
  • Drain: 40mm push fit

Standard features include:

  • Fully balanced extraction system
  • Hygienic wall surface
  • Slip resistant floor
  • High output hot water supply
  • Security container locks
  • Cor-ten steel exterior
  • Possible to link to other kitchen units

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United Kingdom and Europe

With good links to the motorway network, On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd operate nationwide, with satisfied customers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

We also regularly travel to Ireland and mainland Europe, including: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland and beyond.