Temporary Sports Centre Cafeteria

When Lancaster City Council went out to tender for a temporary kitchen and dining facility for their Salt Ayre Leisure Centre complex, we were pleased when they awarded the contract to On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd.

During major refurbishment and construction of a new sports centre to replace the existing one, the Council wanted catering facilities to look after existing visitors over the 4-5 months of construction.

Temporary Kitchens and Dining

Our new Maxi range of Temporary Kitchens provided a spacious kitchen area for prep, production and refrigeration. A servery and dining facility was then created using our flexible Modex system, an ideal solution for Temporary Modular Buildings.

After installation on a temporary jack pad foundation, the dining and servery were linked to the kitchen via an enclosed walkway.

The client then externally clad the dining facility with screen printed panels to promote the available catering.

Service Catering Equipment Hire

For the dining area, the client used a mix of their own existing dining furniture and catering equipment, with some items hired from our wide range of service catering equipment.

On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd equipped the dining facility with hot and cold serveries, which completed the layout in accordance with the client's requirements.

Further Contracts

Joshua Burns, Contract Manager at On-Site Kitchen Rentals Ltd said:

We were more than happy to help Lancaster City Council in this type of installation and have already been awarded further similar contracts in the area.
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