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 On Site Kitchens’ range of food preparation equipment available for hire include everything you need for your kitchen from food slicers to gastronome trolleys.
Food Slicer
• Blade removal tool as standard • 10” Food Slicer
• Built in blade sharpener
• Perspex safety guard
• No volt release
• Safety stop button
• Stainless steel cutting blade
• Cast aluminium anodised body
Depth (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Gas Weight (kg)
N/A 24
Wash Hand Basin
Depth (mm)
is not in use.
• Handle fitted to the back of the unit make it easy to move around.
• Pressure cut out prevents hot water tank from boiling dry.
Width (mm) Height (mm) Electricity Gas
553 860 13amp N/A
Weight (kg)
• Capacity 25 litres • Rating 3kw - Supplied with a 13amp plug
• Cleaning - The unit can be wiped out easily • Waste water tank is easily removable for emptying
• Water temperature is kept at 42 degrees for comfort and safety
• Includes a 1/9 gn pot as a soap tray. This can be lifted out to allow easy refilling of tank
• Foot operated pump activates the tap for maximum hygiene
• Wheels on the back of the unit allow it to be tipped back and wheeled to a different location when the sink
Sadia Megaflo Water Heater
Megaflo HE is widely recognised as the brand leader in unvented domestic water heating offering levels of performance that are quite simply unrivalled by the competition. Internal air-gap with patented floating baffle. Strong, duplex stainless steel construction. High performance ‘coil-in-coil’ heat exchanger. No sacrificial anode (eliminates need for annual inspection).
Appliance-like plastic-coated outer case. Patented cold water inlet diffuser minimises mixing of cold and hot water. Water inlet controls increase flow rates by up to 35%. Improved performance even at 1 bar. Every unit tested to 15 bar (217psi).
Depth (mm)
Width (mm) Height (mm) Electricity Gas
552 1573 2 x 13amp N/A
Weight (kg)
Depth (mm)
Rinnai Hot Water Heater (on stand)
The Rinnai Twin Flow features a unique flow switch which regulates the maximum gas loading for the system.
At 6 litres/min (domestic hot water flow rate) and above the boiler automatically switches to standby, allowing the water heater to operate at maximum capacity. This eliminates the need for a larger gas supply or metering.
Stand to be high grade 304 stainless and come with caster’s.
Width (mm) Height (mm) Electricity Gas Weight (kg)
820 1350 13amp
Propane 38
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