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 On Site Kitchens have a comprehensive range of temporary portable kitchens for short, medium and long term rental.
All are designed to offer busy kitchen managers, chefs and caterers a highly effective working environment, allowing them to achieve the best results in the most cost effective manner possible.
Maxi Production Kitchen
This production layout of the Maxi kitchen is open plan and versatile, quite often used in care homes and refurbishment work it is a cost effective solution to keep your catering establishment in full operation.
Maxi Dishwasher Kitchen
As you can see from the various designs the Maxi kitchen can be used as a production kitchen, a prep kitchen or a dishwasher kitchen making this unit very versatile to suit all requirements. The dishwasher Maxi is often used at large scale events to assist with large volumes of wash up on a continual basis.
Maxi Preparation Kitchen
The internal equipment layout of the Maxi kitchen can specified to suit customer requirements. We stock a vast range of catering equipment that can be installed in the kitchen which can be seen in the production category of the brochure.
Length (m) Width (m)
8.6 3
Height (m)
63 amp Single Phase
Water Gas
22mm N/A
40mm Push Fit
On Demand On Budget On Time

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