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The Modex Modular Kitchen System offers a large central production which is easy to install and very adaptable, giving you a modern flexible temporary kitchens solution with the ability to deliver a catering solution for larger projects.
Its modular construction means you can add units to the installation to custom design according to each client’s needs. Units can be attached to make one large unit in a modular fashion with 10 or even 20 units in total and the open plan facility incorporates the latest catering equipment and technologies, providing an effective, efficient working area for catering staff (take a look at the building options adjacent for ideas).
The units are also adaptable to create large modular refrigeration units for temporary refrigeration. Also, see our Refrigeration Containers on page 17.
A typical Modex Modular Kitchen System installation might feature the following equipment as standard:
• 20 Grid Combination Oven
• 10 no. Stainless Steel Tables • Bratt Pan
• 2 no. Six Burner Ovens
• 2 no. Double Fryers
• 1 no. Grills
• 3 no. Chromate Racking
• Extraction System
• Preparation Sink
• 2 no. Double Door Fridges
• 1 no. Single Door Freezers
• Wash Hand Basin
• Water Heater
• Ware Washing
      Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Electricity Water Gas Drain
8 upwards 3 upwards 3.0 3phase 22mm Propane or 40mm 63 amp Natural Gas Push Fit
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